The life of our Maine Coons


  • Kittens: They grow up without any cage, with us and our other cats. They are accustomed to household noises (TV, vacuum cleaner, ...) and because of this they are perfectly socialized (although each of them has its little character). They are free to come and go as they wish in the house.
  • Food: Our cats and kittens are fed with Royal Canin dry food, Taste of the Wild, Nutrivet and Porta 21 at will. Twice a day, they also have moist food like Equilibre & Instinct, Shésir, Porta 21 and Almo, with raw meat. Sometimes they invite themselves at table without being asked, what can lead to unexpected situations.
  • Health: All our cats are regularly wormed. They are vaccinated against typhus, coryza and leukemia. They are tested FeLV and FIV. The breeders are tested N/N (healthy) by DNA for SMA, HCM1 and PKDef (Antagene or Genindexe laboratories). They are also tested regularly by ultrasound to feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) and Polycystic Kidney (PKD). For more information, please visit the Health section.